Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The things we love

Decide between familiarity and redesign

One of the most important things for us in live is the place where we eat, sleep and recover from the long working day - it's this mythical place called home.

This place is also for most of the people out there their favorite spot, it doesn't matter which culture or country you come from but it is still the most important place. It often contains and shows lots of memories and all the things we love. We spend a lot of time in setting up everything and customize it like we want it. But when we move somewhere else we can and have to start all over.

So why can? And why have to? Well this is kind of self explaining, we can take all the stuff we already have and just bring it to another place or we can use this opportunity to get rid of some old useless things we don't use anymore. But even if you choose to keep everything, things won't be the same. Simply for the reason of a different architecture of your new home. It will be almost impossible to arrange everything in the same order as in the past. Hence you will notice a difference. So there are this options: you can try to reinvent yourself or keep everything, but give the things a new order and priority.

No matter how you decide it will have an impact on how you feel at the new place. So everyone needs to be clear about on what they want. Basically you have to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to take a part of my old live with me?
  • Can I afford it to reinvent myself?
  • Is it better to leave the past behind? 

Based on that, you will have a place where you can retreat and feel recreation with the help of your memories or you will find a place you need to work on by using your creativeness to reinvent it. This place, no matter how you design it will be the headquarter for your new live in another city. Don't underestimate this aspect!

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