Wednesday, July 8, 2015

About the Autor

Hi, my name is Andrés and I want to invite you!

No kidding I want to invite you to learn more about the challenges you face and the opportunities you receive when you move away from your hometown or even if you decide to move to another country. I experienced within my family, my friends and by myself that this step can be very challenging but also rewarding in so many aspects. 

So who are you Andrés?

I'm 28 years old and living in Munich, Germany, but as you might guess I wasn't born in this town not even in this country. I was born in Colombia, South America and moved to Germany when I was a child to the city of Bamberg, some years later I moved to Nuernberg and few years ago I moved to Munich. So every time I experienced huge or little differences between the places but faced often similar questions. How do I find certain places in the city, how do I get a flat, where can I buy groceries and most important how can I find new people who suit to me? Over the time I figured out that this doesn't only affect me, and it's not my own weakness, no everybody who decides to move to another city finds himself in more or less the same situation. I also figured out that it's a process and every stage have its own problems. Further I saw people doing better and others worse finding their way at the new location. Especially big cities attract many people from elsewhere to find a job or to study. London, Paris, Berlin or Munich for example are just some of those cities, which attract many, due to 'better' conditions. The city of Munich for example is expecting 15.4% more people from 2013 to 2030 coming from elsewhere to live here. Most of them will manage to successfully pass all challenges and build there a new live, some will may fail. This can be financially but also have a social reason. Homesickness, the lack of appreciation or loneliness just to name some.

With this blog I want to share the observations and experiences I made over the years and give you tips, approaches and strategies how to avoid unlovely and lonely moments and ways to reinvent yourself. 

Please feel free at any moment to join the conversation!

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